How does it work?

We aim to inspire healthier communities across the globe, by connecting individuals and organisations alike to evidence-driven support focused on building resilience, confidence and agile mindsets.

Delivering ‘high-touch/low-cost’ engagement, YourHealth+ responds to behavioural insights by providing scientifically proven tools and resources to optimise mental wellness. 

customisable to individual users

Tailored for you

​Designed by our customers for our customers, we’ve developed a healthcare solution which responds to the unique behaviours and inputs of the end-user. YourHealth+ has an extensive library of tools and resources easily accessible from any laptop or mobile device.

Created by leading psychologists and allied health experts, these evidence-based tools help to build and maintain wellness. Clients can use an ‘admin persona’ to curate tailored content and modules to boost staff engagement, as well as develop team challenges unique to their organisational needs.


  • YourHealth+ is a complete digital solution that can be accessed anywhere, anytime via a desktop or smartphone app.
  • Push notifications help users to create important reminders to track their progress and achieve their goals.
  • Ability to access real time confidential support from accredited allied health professionals.
  • An easy-to-read dashboard provides valuable and confidential behavioural insights to help build agility and resilience. Consultants can easily generate reports across their portfolio to enrich the wellbeing of your people – report analytics can also help identify early warning signs of mental distress amongst team.
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When our brains are positive, we can think and work more intelligently than when neutral or stressed.positive mindset

Shaun Achor
monitor your moods

The Mood Trail helped me see a pattern in my life that I wasn’t aware of, and equipped me with the tools to improve that part of my life.
positive mindset

YourHealth+ customer

Mood Trail

It’s important to monitor our mood patterns, as they impact the decisions we make, how we respond to our environment and (in extreme cases) can manifest in the form of physical ailments if the ill-being is severe or enduring.

The Mood Trail is a unique daily check-in, providing customisable options to better understand what impacts your mood. By reflecting on your mood patterns, you can gain better insights into how they influence your feelings and decisions.

Help your people thrive

In our ‘new normal’ we face more complexity in our lives than ever before. Whilst working remotely is convenient, it also comes with its own challenges of inclusion and productivity. For many, separating our private lives from our professional lives has become blurred and YourHealth+ offers support in these areas.

COVID-19 has placed the importance of mental health to organisational survival front and centre. YourHealth+ provides support across all eight psychological areas to help your people thrive.

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YourHealth+ showed me the links between physical exercise and mental wellness. In turn, this has helped me improve other areas of life such as my work and relationships.positive mindset

YourHealth+ customer

Mental Health Cost Calculator

How many employees do you have?



the annual cost of poor mental health in your workplace.


team member days lost per year due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety.


number of team members struggling with some form of a mental health issue.

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