Our Digital Solution

YourHealth+ is a full digital health solution designed to make a difference. It is powered by The Better Health Generation’s clinical expertise and digital innovation to achieve better health outcomes.

The Better Health Generation set out to create the best mental health solution that would facilitate mental health improvement and sustained change. All of which allows individuals to achieve their full potential.

Our goal was to set high clinical standards so people could use our digital health solution with confidence.

We are proud that YourHealth+ has achieved a CE and TGA mark, which means it has demonstrated it is a safe and assistive medical device.

The digital solution is the result of five years of development. It has been academically validated and is suitable as assistive technology for all mental health conditions.

Our cloud-based portal can be accessed anywhere, anytime from an internet-enabled computer or smartphone.

your health plus portal

YourHealth+ Features


is a full digital solution with an intuitive interactive design that is easy to use.
Safe Medical Device App


is a safe medical device. It has achieved a CE mark in Europe and TGA mark in Australia.


is completely customisable and adaptable to each individual’s needs.


has visual and push prompts that create self empowerment and engagement.


is an all in one digital solution that can be used via smartphone.

Real time health support


Collaborates where appropriate with health professionals via video linked real-time support.


YourHealth+ can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. However, as YourHealth+ is prescribed, it is exclusively accessed by a private passcode. This can  be arranged through your Provider or by emailing info@yourhealthplus.me.uk.

Download YourHealth+ App in Apple Store
Download YourHealth+ App in Google Play
your health plus portal

The YourHealth+ Dashboard

The YourHealth+ dashboard has an easy-to-use format that supports you to deliver the very best care for clients.

It provides real-time client information on daily tracking information, challenge and tool activity. Real-time information allows you to early influence and communicate with maximum impact.

your health plus portal

The YourHealth+ Library

The YourHealth+ Library has information on a wide range of topics that enhance wellbeing and success.

It’s a comprehensive suite of information written by clinical psychologists, occupation therapists and physiotherapists. Topics range from managing stress, breaking free of worry and procrastination.

In the Library, users can also select BOOK AN APPOINTMENT to book a confidential digital consultation with a YourHealth+ Health Professional.

your health plus library

The YourHealth+ Challenges

The YourHealth+ Challenges is where users can extend their skills and practice what they have learned in the Library.

The varied array of challenges to choose from have been developed by clinical psychologists, occupation therapists and physiotherapists as activities they would use in the practice of improving an individual’s health, mental health and wellbeing.

Challenge topics include Mental Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing and General Life Skills. We recommend 1-2 Challenges per week, but users can come back to these as many times as they like!

your health plus challenges