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YourHealth+ is completely customisable and adaptable to each individual or client’s needs. It can be adapted to a range of settings where enhancing wellbeing and mental health are crucial. Key benefits for industry providers include:

health care app for students

University Students

  • Push notifications for daily and weekly wellbeing tracking.
  • 12 months health professional support via video link.
  • Challenges set to enhance health, mental health and academic performance.
  • Action plans, study plans and crisis plans to build motivation.
  • Real-time collaboration with mentors.
  • Comprehensive library of academic, health and mental health topics.
health care app for job seekers

Job Seekers

  • Challenges set up for job seekers to address barriers to gaining and sustaining work.
  • Improves support capacity of work coaches and post-placement consultants.
  • Ability to customise to each job seeker’s needs.
  • Ability to support and track job seeker wellbeing and work performance.
  • Access to support from health professionals.
  • Ability to set up regular job seeker assessments.
mental health app for employers


  • Tools and challenges to assist employees.
  • Ability to track wellbeing on a regular basis across teams.
  • Improves support capacity of employees wellbeing and resilience. 
health care app for apprentices


  • Improves support capacity of field officers or mentors.
  • Ability to understand how an individual’s or trainee’s wellbeing and skills are tracking at work.
  • Useful evidence based information about building wellbeing, problem solving and work capacity.
  • Ability to create digital goal setting and career plans linked to retaining work.
  • A library of self-help information to assist apprentice’s or trainee’s to perform to their full potential.
Disability assistance services app


  • Empowers participants to manage their wellbeing and mental health so they can achieve their full potential.
  • Improves collaboration and feedback between clients, health professionals, carers and families.
  • Access to the real-time participant and carer information to support early intervention.
  • Support tools to assist participants to manage their wellbeing.
  • Ability to provide evidence based tracking towards a participant’s goals.
health care app for medical professionals

Medical and Allied Health Providers

  • Improves monitoring and support capacity of patients between sessions.
  • Ability to individualise information based on client’s diagnosis and symptoms.
  • Where appropriate medication management tracking.
  • Tracks progress against Medicare goals.
  • In app DASS and K10 assessments to track treatment goals.
  • Treatment notes section.
  • Action and crisis plan management.
  • Comprehensive library developed by clinical psychologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.
health care app for aged care

Aged Care

  • Easy to set up.
  • Empowers individuals to manage their wellbeing and mental health.
  • Improves monitoring of client health, mental health and wellbeing.
  • Provides transparent information to families, carers and supports.
  • Where appropriate, medication management.
  • A comprehensive library of information developed by clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, mental health nurses and physiotherapists.